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Welcome to the Guild Website

The Official website of Dark Knights of Azeroth!

We have officially moved to the Terenas realm and are currently recruiting. We are a Level 25 Alliance guild and we offer things such as; free guild repairs, guild tabard, Vent, contests, 7tab Guild Bank, and more. So look around, read some things, and look for a guildie on the Terenas realm to begin your adventures with us.

Please make a note of it so you don't lose where we have gone.

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Home Page missing some things??

Handres, Oct 16, 14 10:46 PM.
Hey, where did it go???

​Looking for the Ventrilo widget we had up on our Home Page? Don't worry, it is not gone, just moved. We added a new page called Our Guild. This is where you will find all the stuff about Our Guild. Ventrilo info and who is on, Our Guilds story, and more. It is still in the building stages so please bear with us as we get everything in order. Check back often and see what else has been added.

The game has changed

Handres, Oct 16, 14 7:29 PM.
The latest patch has been released and something has changed in the guild.
​Seems we are no longer a Level 25 guild, don't worry though, neither is any other guild. That is right, Blizzard has taken away the Guilds Levels and given everyone of them the same perks. So no matter what guild you join now, you will have the same perks. Looks like the push will be on to entice players to join another way.

In say that, we are recruiting!!
​We are looking for new members who like to have fun while playing the game and want to run dungeons and instances. Things are still changing in the game, but we want to be a step ahead. We have veteran players whom have been playing since WoW Beta and are ready to help you get your toon up to specs. We are looking to get into raiding as a guild and are looking for players who want to get in on the ground floor of our teams. We have 7 tab Guild Bank, free repairs for all guildies, free tabards, and have contests which include gold and other prizes. Ready to become part of a great guild with great people in it?? Then shoot on over to Terenas realm and look us up. All guildies can invite new members, find one and ask to join.

See you soon,
Handres (Commander)

Go check this out ! !

Handres, Oct 13, 13 8:45 PM.
Our Facebook page is no longer available. We have removed the Facebook page for the Guild, we have something even better that took its place. A page that serves a new purpose. It serves as a page to help with your problems you may be facing while trying to play WoW, or even any other MMORPG., it is a real IT, computer repair company. Here to help those whom enjoy playing WoW or just enjoy keeping their computer systems free of viruses, malware, and other malicious things.

Go and check it out, on Facebook, and don't forget to Like them while you are there.

We have also put a link to their Facebook page on our Home page. Top left corner.  
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