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The Official website of Dark Knights of Azeroth!

We have officially moved to the Terenas realm and are currently recruiting. We are a Level 25 Alliance guild and we offer things such as; free guild repairs, guild tabard, Vent, contests, 7tab Guild Bank, and more. So look around, read some things, and look for a guildie on the Terenas realm to begin your adventures with us.

Please make a note of it so you don't lose where we have gone.

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Do you believe???

Handres, Mar 3, 14 7:37 PM.
Do you believe in your guild? Do you think the guild you are in is not serving your purpose and are looking for somewhere new to call home?

Congratulations - 

You found it!! We are recruiting new members and are ready to welcome you. We are seeking more DPS, Tanks, Healers, and all Levels and Professions. We know how it is when Guilds get more members than it really needs. We have been in those guilds that have had over 385 members, and we did not like it one bit. So, DKA was born. We are not looking to grow to such HUGE numbers. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance. We will help you with info on what you need to do, and will run dungeons together. We don't do run through's. We believe if you really want to learn how to play your toon, you must actually play it. This doesn't mean we won't get on our toons that are your appropriate level, if we have them, and go through the dungeon with you. We like to have fun as well as you do. We offer bonuses for those who bring in other members, certain restrictions apply. We have contests, and also random quizzes to test your WoW knowledge.

Ready to grow and go further than you are in your current guild??

Jump on Terenas realm, look for D K A guild and ask any guildie for an invite.

Welcome to D K A, time to shine!!

Go check this out ! !

Handres, Oct 13, 13 8:45 PM.
Our Facebook page is no longer available. We have removed the Facebook page for the Guild. Now don't worry, we have something even better that took its place. A page that serves a new purpose. It serves as a page to help ANYONE, with Tech problems they may have on their systems. is not just a Facebook page, it is a real IT, computer repair company. Here to help those whom enjoy playing WoW or just enjoy keeping their computer systems free of viruses, malware, and other malicious things.

Go and check it out, on Facebook, and don't forget to Like them while you are there.

We have also put a link to their Facebook page on our Home page. Top left corner.  
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